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Moving Out: Why Mastering Being Alone Will Change Your Life

22 is a complicated age. Some of us are getting married and having children, some of us still live off pocket money and live under mum's roof, and others are still getting pissed every night with no idea what day... Continue Reading →

I Feel Crap: Improve Your Mental Wellbeing in Five Steps

Have you ever had an off day? You don't know why, how long it will last, or how to sort yourself out? Join the club. Having off days is part of being human. And usually comes with being a woman... Continue Reading →

Being Vegan: Here’s What Happened…

Veganism is taking over the world... 1.6 million people worldwide are vegan, which means 1.6 million people out there are not eating meat, eggs, and anything dairy. Instead vegans eat dairy and meat alternatives that consist of coconut milk, soya... Continue Reading →

Improve Your Wellbeing: 5 Tips to Unwind for a Peaceful Night’s Sleep

Having a good night's sleep is something all of us adults really appreciate, especially if we have full-time jobs or are in full-time education. But if you're like me and really struggle getting to sleep in the first place due... Continue Reading →

5 Ways to Improve Wellbeing and Get Motivated

Are you struggling to find that motivation to do something you really want to do, be it a 5k run, getting your butt in the gym, or making a healthy change? Let's be honest, we've all been there. Being self-motivated... Continue Reading →

Why I’ve Started A Blog…

I've started a blog, but why should you care about health and wellbeing stuff? Reading is good for ya. Plus if you're like me and want to improve yourself in every way you can, then mastering your mental and physical... Continue Reading →

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