About me…

I’m currently working as a Marketing Account Manager in Devon, but I have a huge passion for health and wellbeing. I love keeping fit, running half marathons (extreme, I know), eating delicious food, singing, going out with friends, spa days, and most of all… having me time. I pride myself on being mentally and emotionally strong, being able to deal with any challenge that comes my way. That’s why I’ve started this blog – I believe that they key to being content with life is to master your emotional and physical wellbeing in order to deal with stress we all face.

Life is challenging and it can be hard to navigate. The key is to make sure that you can manage your worries and stress to achieve your goals and live a fulfilling life, which I believe starts with being healthy: eating the right food, spending time with the right people, looking after your mind, doing fun stuff, and havin’ a laff.

adventure awaits

My aim…

Being healthy is not about eating salads and drinking the odd green tea. It’s about staying active, feeding your body (until you’re full!), and giving your mind a much needed break.  Whether you want to manage your stress, conjure up the motivation to get in the gym, or  you’re a bit bored and want to try something new, I aim to not leave you disappointed. I’ll be blogging about useful tips and tricks for relaxation, delicious meals and recipes that keep me away from the Big Macs, and what I do to enjoy being active (yes it’s possible to love exercise).

Visit my homepage to get inspired and feel free to contact me if you have any questions using the Contact tab.