Certain music makes you feel good. Certain sounds make you feel relaxed. Certain tempos increase your heart rate. Here is my ultimate guide for all of your wellness needs. If you have a Spotify account, get following!

Yoga Flow

Getting the perfect sounds for your yoga flow is important. If your flow is intense and fast, you need an upbeat playlist that will motivate you and give you energy. If you’re doing a relaxing sun salutation or more of a yin session, then you might opt for a slower and more downbeat playlist.

Slow Flow

Yoga & Meditation by Spotify

Lostwithoutchiu – yin by Patriciachiu

Sunrise Yoga by Spotify

Fast Flow

Kora Yoga & Meditation by Spotify

Vinyasa Flow by Spotify

HPY Flow #14 – 45 Minutes by Hotpod Yoga


Meditation music is all about creating the right atmosphere so you can focus on your breath. I suggest not having the music too loud, almost just as a relaxing background noise.

Meditate to the Sounds of Nature by Spotify

Tibetan Bowls by Spotify

Meditative State of Mind by Spotify

Podcast: Wake Up/Wind Down with Niall Breslin by Spotify


Creating the right environment for reading is pivotal for relaxation and enjoyment. You want to create an atmosphere that gets you in the zone for reading but doesn’t distract you from your book. Try to choose music and sounds where there is no singing or talking, as auditory words distract your brain from reading the words on the page.

Ocean Escapes by Spotify

Gentle Rains by Spotify

Gentle Lapping Waves by Spotify

Peaceful Retreat by Spotify

Concentration & Focus

If you’re revising for an exam, writing something for work or have a load of spreadsheets to do, opting for music again without words is the best way to get in the zone. The key to concentration music is to have something slightly more upbeat than reading and relaxation music, but which isn’t so upbeat that it is noisy and distracting to your train of thought.

Lush Lofi by Spotify

Focus by Georgia Acott (I’m working on this one!)

All-Nighter by Spotify

Brain Food by Spotify

Morning Feel Good Music

If you want to start your day right, pop on one of these playlists whilst you’re getting ready for the day. You are bound to start your day in the best mood ever.

happy songs by Georgia Acott

Have a Great Day! by Spotify (there are some absolute bangers on this one)

Mood Booster by Spotify

Unwinding & Relaxation

Light a candle, put on some music, and put your feet up. It is now time to breathe. If you’re in the bath or getting ready for bed, these playlists are perfect for your nighttime ritual.

Breathe by Spotify

Relax & Unwind by Spotify

Spotify & Chill by Spotify

Happy Vibes

Whether you’re driving, doing the washing up, cleaning, or just want to lift your mood, these are some great playlists for boosting your mood throughout the day when you’re doing mundane tasks.

Happy Songs by Spotify

Good Vibes by Spotify

Happy Beats by Spotify (summer dance music vibes)


I’ve included a bit of everything here: house, electronic and bass. All of these playlists are upbeat to keep you motivated whilst you are on your run. Mindful running is slightly different, incorporating more of a meditative style of music to help you run more mindfully and be more in tune with your body.

Electronic Running by Spotify

Shuffle Syndrome by Spotify

gym/running by Georgia Acott (6 hours of music to get you motivated, you’re welcome)

Mindful running: Run with Headspace by Nike Run Club

Gym & Working Out

And finally, if you want to absolutely beast your workout, I’ve included some house, dance and bass music to motivate you every rep of the way. These are the genres of music that get me motivated in the gym but if none of these are your style, then some upbeat hip hop will do the same job.

Bass Arcade by Spotify

All Night Dance Party by Spotify

Dance Party by Spotify

House Music 2020 by Topsify

I hope you’ve found this blog post useful. Let me know if you listen to any of these and how you get on!

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Thanks ✌🏼 x