If you’ve found yourself in the deep dark hole of day-to-day boredom, it could be time for a change. Life is for living, not for being unfulfilled and bored.

There are a couple of times when I have felt bored in my life – both were unfulfilling jobs. One job involved me working as a Checkouts Assistant, and with the other, I was working in an office and simply didn’t have enough to do. If you’ve ever wondered why people on checkouts look so miserable, it’s because they are BORED OUT OF THEIR MINDS. I very swiftly left those situations as quickly as I could! I was also lucky enough that I was able to move on to more fulfilling positions.


The key reason for boredom is not enough mental stimulation. Your brain simply doesn’t have enough to focus on or think about, so you just sit there in a daze. This can be quite nice every so often, but if you do this everyday, you are opening yourself up to feelings of depression. At least that was the case for me. I felt so depressed in both jobs because I just wasn’t being challenged and my brain wasn’t doing anything. If you can relate to this, either in a job or your day-to-day life, then it really is time to change something before you delve deeper into a very empty hole (not to be too dramatic).

In an effort to not be bored, you may start making poor lifestyle choices as a result of not wanting to challenge yourself too much. You may start taking drugs, go out drinking every weekend, or even spend money you don’t have just to give yourself a dopamine lift.

The trick to escaping boredom is to fill your life with so many goals and hobbies that you quite literally never feel bored. When it gets to the weekend, the very LAST thing I want to do is go out drinking and spend money that I’ll regret spending. That’s because 6/7 days a week, I do my hobbies and keep myself busy, so that when it gets to Saturday night, I am zonked and just want a quiet night in… is this what adulthood is?!

Start a Hobby That You Have Always Been Curious About

Has there always been one thing that you have been curious about doing? Are there people on Instagram that you follow and you wish you could do what they do? Those hobbies are not out of your reach. I remember following a YouTuber called Kalyn Nicholson a couple of years ago and thinking that she really had her shit together, immediately inspiring me. I was at uni at the time and my only hobby was going to the gym – I wouldn’t even call that a hobby as I’m not really very passionate about it. I saw her videos of her doing yoga, eating vegan food, reading books, cleaning her nice flat and was like, “I WANT THAT LIFE”. And now two years on, I do hot yoga 2-3 times a week, read books almost every night, experiment with vegan food and I have my own place and cat, which I love. The life she lived seemed so far away from what I had at the time. But if you work hard and be a little daring, then you can achieve anything you want.

Have you always liked the idea of tennis, spinning or badminton but booking then showing up to a lesson alone scares you? Book it, then don’t think about it until you are outside ready to go in. Trying something new is always scary if you are on your own, but remember, if you can tackle that minute amount of fear, you can potentially change your life.

Cook Your Own Food From Scratch

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I genuinely can’t be bothered to cook a meal and I order Dominos. But even if you still live with your parents, there is nothing stopping you from buying your own ingredients and prepping some nice food. Look online for some yummy recipes, go and get the ingredients, then start cooking! Not only are you likely to eat healthier if you cook your own food, but this also gives you something to think about and do with your evenings. So you won’t be sat there wishing for your next night out to come early.

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Invest in a Self-Development Book

I am all about self-development. That’s why I’ve created this blog. Self-development books are super inspiring, and will educate and encourage you to make changes with your lifestyle that seem too much of a leap to make.

I recommend:

  • The Fear Bubble – Ant Middleton
  • Self-Care for The Real World – Nadia Narain & Katia Narain Phillips
  • Calm – Fearne Cotton
  • Good Vibes, Good Life – Vex King

Pair up With Someone and Do an Activity for Charity

Charity events are a great way to set yourself a goal that you can work towards. Cancer Research UK and all the big UK charities do plenty of regular events: 5k fun runs, obstacle courses, treks, 10k’s – anything you can think of! If you are struggling to find a goal to work towards to get you in the gym or out on a run, then these are great. People of all abilities do them so there is absolutely no pressure to break your back training. Committing to an event with a friend will also mean you actually turn up on the day and don’t back out. Start by having a browse on charity websites and see what events are happening. Some websites even offer training plans, depending on the race, which will give you a schedule to try to stick to.


Live the life you want to live at the end of the day, but if you envision your life to be better, then start by trying a couple of these tips. I’m not an expert, trust me I’m still learning, but I believe that being fulfilled is the key to a happy life. All of these tips will evidently provide you with the mental stimulation you’re craving. So you’ll be less likely to want to waste your weekends reducing your bank balance and making unhealthy choices.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this rather long blog post (again, sorry!). Leave a comment and get in touch with me at ga_social@outlook.com if you have any queries.

Thanks ✌🏼 x