Have you ever had an off day? You don’t know why, how long it will last, or how to sort yourself out? Join the club. Having off days is part of being human. And usually comes with being a woman – we have them on a monthly basis! We wake up one morning and feel mentally crap – our emotions are low and all over the place, we want a hug but will push away anyone trying to comfort us and we want to just chill out but worry about all the things we have to do. It is something we all experience and I’ve got some valuable suggestions on how you can tackle your off day, turning it into a good one.

1. Start Your Morning with a Coffee and Whipped Cream

If, like me, you’re an avid coffee drinker, add something extra to something pretty boring. If I drink coffee, I go all out. I’m talking caramel syrup, whipped cream, and a sprinkle of cinnamon to finish. Although it sounds simple, adding a bit of indulgence to your morning coffee will give you a better boost, and since you’re having an off day, you don’t have to feel guilty about it.


2. Watch some Motivational YouTube Videos from People that (Seemingly) Have Their Life Together

If you watch other people going about their day and doing fun things, you will feel motivated to get out of bed and do something too. I tend to watch videos from vloggers that are all about organisation, planning, and living healthily. For example, Kalyn Nicholson, Rachellea and Rowena Tsai, are among my favourite YouTubers. Being exposed to content that motivates you is the first step to feeling motivated yourself and getting out of that sluggish and negative mood you’re feeling confined to.

3. Clean and Tidy Your Room

Once you feel like it’s time to venture out of bed or off the sofa, start by cleaning and tidying your room. Depending on the type of person you are, this can be the world’s biggest chore, or it can be something you naturally do everyday. Regardless, DO IT! If you’ve let that pile of clothes on your bedroom floor build up, put them away or in the wash. Hoover up any evidence of cookies, hair, and that bit of smashed bronzer on the floor. Get rid of those mascara marks on your mirror and dust away the rest of your sins. I promise, you will feel better afterwards.

4. Go to the Gym or for a Walk

It is scientifically proven that doing exercise releases endorphins, improving our mood. Nobody EVER regretted a gym session. If the gym isn’t your thing, go for a walk. Download a fitness app on your phone, such as Map My Run or Nike+ Run Club, to track your distance and speed. Set yourself a goal to reach a particular distance or Kph. This gives your workout a focus and makes you feel like you’ve achieved something when you reach your goal.

If you don’t believe the whole exercise releases endorphins thing, take a look at this page:  https://www.betterhealth.vic.gov.au/health/HealthyLiving/exercise-and-mood

If you follow your workout with a healthy dinner that you’ve cooked yourself then you’re onto a winner. A simple marinated chicken breast, baked sweet potato and broccoli will do the trick. You’ll get all you need from this simple meal – that is also delicious and satisfying – to recover effectively from your workout.


5. See People You Enjoy Spending Time With

Friends are saviours. And if you’ve got good ones, they will make you feel better just by being there. Chances are that within five minutes in your best friend’s company, you’ll forget you were ever in a low mood. If your friends aren’t free, give them a FaceTime call and have a good catch up. Keeping in touch with your friends is so important, and don’t forget to make it clear that you are there for them as well.

I hope you found this blog post useful – feel free to leave a comment or contact me via the contact page.

Thanks x✌🏼