Are you struggling to find that motivation to do something you really want to do, be it a 5k run, getting your butt in the gym, or making a healthy change? Let’s be honest, we’ve all been there. Being self-motivated is a huge skill and advantage to have in life, but motivation doesn’t come out of nowhere. There are steps to take to be more motivated and acquire the urge to get up and go…

1. Get Inspired

The first step to improving our wellbeing and get that motivation we need to achieve a goal is to surround ourselves with inspiration. Has someone posted a delicious high-protein and low-carb meal that is easy to cook? Then boom, that’s our inspiration! Start by following some healthy recipe accounts on Instagram, create a Pinterest board, watch YouTube videos, and read blogs to see what other wellbeing, health and fitness enthusiasts have to say.

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2. Set Yourself Goals Now, Think About It Later

The best thing I have learned to gain motivation is to set myself big fitness goals, and think about them nearer the time of the event. Goals for me include charity fundraising events such as 10k fun runs, half marathons and mini assault courses.

Start by visiting a website such as Cancer Research UK or Mind, and browse through the fundraising events that they are hosting. You will usually have to pay a small fee for the smaller events, but you get a medal out of it and do a great thing for charity so it’s worth it! Then, simply don’t think about it until the day!

3. Get On Your Feet!

The next step to getting motivated is to get on your feet, as it’s easy to get stuck in the library or at a desk for hours on end. Leave the house, go for a walk or drive, or go to a local cafe for a coffee. If you’ve just signed up for the gym but don’t actually have the drive to get up and go, then go for a walk instead. Simply leaving the house and getting on your feet can improve your wellbeing, helping you conjure up the motivation to work out. Again, the attitude I take towards this is do it now, and think about it later. Put on your gym clothes now, drive to the gym, and think about what you are doing when you are there. It is easy to think ourselves out of going to the gym or for a run if we sit there and think about it – that is the worst thing to do for our wellbeing. Don’t think, just do!

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4. Invest In Active Wear

All the gear, no idea ey?! Too right. Take a trip to Sports Direct or even Primark and invest in some cheap and comfortable gym/running gear. If we have something we really want to wear, we will be more motivated to wear it in the right setting.

5. Allow Yourself Some Slack, Within Reason…

My final tip is to cut yourself some slack by setting yourself things to look forward to, be it a holiday, cheat day, or trip to an all you can eat restaurant. It is easy to lose motivation when you have nothing to look forward to and there is no end in sight. In order to accommodate for missing out on all the bad foods, I allow myself a cheat day. I will eat as much fast food as I can physically handle, as well as sweets, chocolate, and ice cream! Not only is it a great way to indulge on all of my favourite foods without feeling guilty, it also motivates me to be healthy and active on the other days. It’s a tip that has honestly changed my life and it is what all bodybuilders and gym bunnies do, that actually works!

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I hope this has inspired you to make a change or try something new! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions and leave a comment on this post with your thoughts.